Why I Wanted to Become a Coach.


As a child, you could not have paid me to participate in a physcial event. I despised gym class. I couldn’t understand the excitement and drive behind team sports. Walking around the block seemed like a chore! During High School I discovered a strength training program which I enjoyed, to an extent. I didn’t put any heart into the movements, saw no progress and my performance fizzled. In college I did what everyone else was doing to lose the Freshmen 15 – I went on the eliptical for 20 minutes, hit a light circut on the machines and then streched as a cool down. Again not seeing enough progress to stick with any program. Finally one January my husband and I decided enough was enough and we wanted to get into running. It was cheap barrier to entry, the couch to 5k program seemed easy enough and I was tired of being overweight. Over time I fell in love. We continued to sign up for more and more races until we were racing year round.

Eventually, we kept hearing about this Crossfit thing. So we decided to check it out. My first workout I wondered how anyone could do this. I had never worked that hard before in my life. For the first six months during each warm up run I questioned what I was doing with my life. Why was I here. I could be at home on the couch. But then the movements became easier. We started making friends. And I fell in love with Crossfit. Eventually after three years of Crossfit and counting macros I had lost fifty pounds. During this time I was also diagnosed with having a buldging disc. Through Crossfit and physical therapy I was able to alleviate most of my symptoms but this made me understand what it feels like to start back at ground zero again. What it means to move with chronic pain. This experience has made me realize that I want to help others on their fitness journey!