Babies Are Welcome At All Sessions

Wellness Consultation

60 MINUTES $60

Do you have questions about your fitness journey but don’t want one on one training? One time individual session (in-person or virtual) to talk through your prenatal and postpartum fitness goals, wellness goals, mindset goals and current challenges.

Preconception Consultation

 75 MINUTES $60

Individual session (in-person or virtual) to discuss a preconception plan. We will discuss fitness goals, a nutrition plan and mindset goals to prepare for conception.

Meet and Greet Consultation

75 MINUTES $50

This is the required first step prior to one on one training. At this session we will discuss your fitness history and goals, nutrition plan, mindset practices and more!

Prenatal - One on One Coaching

60 MINUTES $45

3 CLASSES $120

In-person coaching to train for birth! Customized programming based upon your fitness level and stage of pregnancy.

Postpartum - One on One Coaching

60 MINUTES $45

3 CLASSES $120

In-person coaching to recover and rehabilitate your body post birth. Customized programing based upon fitness level, goals and length of time postpartum.

Training Prior to Conception

60 MINUTES $45

3 CLASSES $120

Whether it’s been a while since you’ve worked out, you’ve never stepped foot in a gym, or you’re looking for a supportive environment that fits your goals, let me help you get prepared for this exciting journey!






Please send an email with any questions regarding your fitness journey!